Landscape Design and Installation

The Landscape Designers at Nature’s Link Inc. truly believe that each landscape needs to be distinctive to the home and the owner’s needs.

Just as every person is unique, we believe every landscape package we design is unique to that client. From walls, patios, fire pits to plant selection and landscape lighting, we firmly believe the best practice is to “Get It Right The First Time”.

Unique, Creative Landscape Designs and Installations are Our Specialty

Our landscape design specialist is a true plantsman who selects from 700 perennials and over 1000 conifers, specieans and unique trees and shrubs that fit your needs. Over time we have learned which plant materials not only survive, but thrive in the unique sunlight, temperature, moisture and soil conditions in Bloomington and the surrounding areas where we provide service. We also know which trees, shrubs, plants and flowers work well visually with the existing natural surroundings in our area. Thoughtful application of this knowledge helps us create outdoor areas that will stay beautiful and healthy year after year.

Quality, Customer Service Oriented Landscape Design and Installation

Whether we are designing a plan and layout for a plants flower beds & trees, a water feature, a paver / interlocking brick patio or driveway, or implementing a complete landscaping plan incorporating numerous features, you can trust that we will work hard to create a finished project that meets your wants and needs.

Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Nature’s Link also offers our high quality landscape design and installation services to commercial properties. We’re able to create a clean, professional, attractive look for apartment and condominium complexes, hotels, churches, restaurants and industrial facilities.

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