Nature's Link Irrigation Systems

If you want a nice lawn in Southern Indiana, you must irrigate. Nature’s Link Inc. can design and install a custom lawn and landscape irrigation system for any home or commercial property.  I

Nature's Link Landscaping Services

Founded in 1998, Nature’s Link is a full service landscape company providing service for Bloomington (Monroe County), Nashville (Brown County), Bedford (Lawrence County) as well as southern Indiana areas. Typically we service anywhere within 45 minutes of our physical Bloomington location.

Nature's Link Landscaping Lighting

Landscape Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Nightlighting, and Nightscaping – These terms are often used to describe the addition of accent lighting which allows you to enjoy your landscape both during the day and at night.

Nature's Link Hardscaping

Hardscaping is defined as any permanent structure built into your landscape. Hardscapes are designed to add functionality, additional outdoor living space, and long lasting beauty to your property. We can use a variety of building materials such as stone, brick, wood, stamped concrete, and interlocking paver blocks to construct a variety of hardscape features 

Nature's Link Water Features

There are few sounds in nature that can calm as a babbling brook. There are fewer sights more mesmerizing than watching fish slowly weave their way through swaying water plants. At Nature’s Link Inc. we integrate these sights and sounds into your unique landscape design by offering the design and installation of Garden Ponds, Waterfalls and other Water Features.

At this time we at Nature’s Link are working with our clients and employees to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.  We are currently staggering our crews start times, assigning one crew member per truck when possible (family members can ride together only if desired), cleaning trucks and tools daily, and maintaining safe distance from other employees as well as clients.

Please know that as of this time, certain projects will have to be put on hold until the restrictions have passed. Clean ups,mowing,mulching and new construction landscapes are allowed to

Please be patient with us during this troubling time.  We are all in this together.

Best regards
Lester and Beth Anders