Irrigation System Design and Installation Services:

If you want a nice lawn in Southern Indiana, you must irrigate. Nature’s Link Inc. can design and install a custom lawn and landscape irrigation system for any home or commercial property.  Irrigation systems can be anything from a simple lawn sprinkler system to a complete programmable automated irrigation system that ensures your lawn, trees, garden, flower beds and other landscape features will get the correct amount of water.

Nature’s Link ONLY Uses Top Quality Components for Our lawn and Landscape Irrigation Systems

Nature’s Link Inc. believes in quality design, workmanship, and products. That’s why we have chosen Rainbird landscape irrigation products for our installations. We are currently the only Rainbird Select Contractor in Southern Indiana.

Nationally Certified Lawn and Landscape Irrigation Expert On Staff

Our top Irrigation Designer Lester Anders is one of thirteen people in the State of Indiana that is nationally certified by The National Irrigation Association. Water Management and proper design will not only make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood, but will be efficient as well.

Need Irrigation Repair Service or Maintenance?

No Problem! We are currently the only Certified Irrigation Contractor in the area that operates a full-time service truck. To our customers that means quick response times to problems. For emergencies we offer same day service. We service all brands including RainbirdToroHunterWeathermaticIrritrol and more.
Nature’s Link, Inc. wishes to express our appreciation for your confidence in us to install and maintain your irrigation system. Since maintenance is the key factor in keeping your system at peak efficiency, we are offering to you the options listed below.

Other Services:

Spring Turn On: This service will include turning the meter on, pressurizing the irrigation main line and checking for leaks, pressurize each zone and checking for leaks, trouble shooting any head problems and making adjustments, checking clock programming and validating rain sensor. This fee* will cover the first man hour of service.
Summer Check: During this procedure we will check the entire system for leaks, make head adjustments as necessary and adjust program for summer conditions. This fee* covers first man-hour of service, additional hours and parts will be billed separately.
Fall Winterization: During this procedure we will evacuate all water from the point of connection though your irrigation system. We will make notes of any problems that have occurred and they will be addressed during the following spring turn on. On most systems we will need access to your clock to properly winterize your system.
Monthly Check: This service is offered for those who do a lot of traveling or want to conserve the maximum amount of water during the year. With this service we will adjust the clock each month to apply the amount of water historically needed for the upcoming month. We will check the heads and stations to make sure everything is operating to peak efficiency. This fee* will be charged monthly from a month after the opening of your system to a month before the closing of your system.
Backflow Test: During this procedure, a state licensed backflow inspector will come to your home, inspect your backflow device, the conduct a test to ensure the device is performing to state mandated minimum standards. It will then be tagged with either pass or fail and you will be notified of the findings. The report will then be filed with the appropriate agency and any reporting fees will be paid by Nature’s Link. This test is required by the state to be done on a yearly basis. 

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